OH, the stories our minds make… They are just that, stories, but to us, they feel super real. The reason is our brains’ remarkable ability to create vivid narratives based on our fears, hopes, and experiences. Here are two BS stories I caught myself believing in the last few weeks:

  1. “I don’t want to kill myself working, and that’s why I don’t want to set higher goals like making a million dollars as an example.” 🤯

    This story is a classic example of fear of success. I had to take a moment to sit down with myself and reframe it. Instead of seeing ambition and bigger vision as a path to exhaustion, I shifted my perspective to “the more I make, the easier it gets,” and “money flows to me easily in all expected and unexpected ways without extra effort.”

    In 2023 I shifted my business model from mostly 1:1 coaching and design to exclusive 1:1 coaching, and custom design and focused on the one-to-many model where I can impact more soulful entrepreneurs and creatives so that I can leverage my time and energy wisely.

    This reframing is about aligning with the belief that success and well-being can coexist harmoniously and that I am the BOSS who can set and uphold boundaries with myself first and others second.

  2. “I’m so stressed!” This wasn’t just a thought; it became a mantra I caught myself repeating out loud, telling my husband a few times a day and saying it to others over and over again. 🤦‍♀️

    But here’s the catch – the stress doesn’t come from my business (that part of my life is the most soulful and harmonious, as I am continuing to create my business around my life).

    This stress isn’t just the everyday kind of stress, even though it has become part of my daily life for the last 749 days. This stress is compounded by the fear and helplessness of watching my family dealing with a war from afar.

    I’m in the process of surrendering as much as I can, it’s really not about control, as I recognized a long time ago that control is simply an illusion and while I don’t have control over what’s happening, I can manage my response to it. Most importantly I can give this to the higher powers: Universe, God, Divine. Knowing that I am never alone and always supported in the way I need to be supported.

    This situation is stressful and I am naturally worried about my family but I also have an amazing circle of support including therapy, coaching, healers, energy workers, friends, and family I can reach to at any time, so saying on repeat “I’m stressed” counteracts the work that I am doing there.

    If I truly trust on a cellular level that I am never alone and always supported in the way I need to be supported, it will be much easier – so much work to do in the area of surrendering for me.

    On a side and super important note, I am not talking about numbing our feelings and pretending things are not happening. Quite the opposite – feel your feels, process them with the help of professionals, and try not to become those emotions.

The journey of working through these stories involves understanding the amygdala’s function. This tiny part of our brain plays a huge role in processing our emotions, including fear and stress. It’s designed to protect us by initiating a fight, flight, or freeze response to threats. However, in our modern lives, this ancient mechanism can misinterpret the pressure of goals or everyday challenges as life-threatening situations, thus triggering unnecessary stress.

Realizing that we are not our minds and that we have the power to observe, question, and reframe our thoughts, is liberating. We can choose not to be defined by the stories our minds create. Instead, we can reframe new narratives that serve us better, narratives that remind us of our resilience, capability, and possibility of achieving our goals by connecting to our true inner compass – our intuition, because when we tune into our intuition we step into a life with ease and joy, despite any external circumstances.

I love using Oracle Cards for self-discovery, transformation, and most importantly to deepen my intuition, if you would like support helping you to deepen your intuition and want to explore how to do that with the help of Oracle Cards, I invite you to join our FREE FB group, Oracle Cards Club HERE. It’s a community for those interested in exploring how Oracle Cards can offer insights, guidance, and reflection for personal growth and how you can use cards to deepen your intuition. Whether you’re facing stress, contemplating your ambitions, or simply seeking a supportive community, you’ll find value and connection here. I pride myself on building safe spaces where you can show up as you are without the need to filter yourself.

Let’s navigate the stories of our minds with curiosity and compassion, empowering ourselves to live with less stress and more fulfillment.

P.S. Remember, changing our internal narratives starts with recognizing them. It starts with separating us and our minds. You Are Not Your Mind is my go-to mantra, try it on and see if that helps you too.

P.P.S This is the card I pulled right after I wrote this email- GOOSEBUMPS!!!

You can’t make this $Sht Up! like we say in my circles. I love how it aligns so perfectly with what I was sharing in this email.

Mystique | Shadow Hunter card from my Nature’s Echo: Boho Spirits of Meadows and Marshes

The Cat, represented by the Mystique card, embodies an air of mystery and intrigue. With its stealthy movements and piercing gaze, the Cat is a masterful shadow hunter, delving into the depths of the unseen and embracing the enigmatic aspects of life. This card symbolizes the power of intuition, adaptability, and the exploration of our own hidden depths.

The Cat’s elemental connection lies in the element of fire. This connection represents the passionate and transformative nature of the Cat’s energy. It symbolizes the ability to harness inner strength, ignite the spark of creativity, and embrace the transformative power of the flames within. The Cat’s association with the fire element reminds us of the importance of passion, courage, and embracing our true desires.


“I embrace the mystique within me. As a shadow hunter, I trust my intuition and explore the unseen and unknown with grace and curiosity. I am adaptable, independent, and harness the transformative power of my inner fire.”