Kim Sarsons

Midlife Magick Coach

I help women attain balanced, holistic wellbeing and youthful vitality so they can thrive through midlife and beyond.

“Portal to Presence” invites you to enhance your mindfulness practice and ground you in the now. Whether you’re seeking a moment of peace in a busy day or embarking on a journey of personal discovery, this deck is your companion towards a more centred and present state of being.

Each card is a gateway to understanding the present moment more deeply, offering insights and reflections to guide you on your path to inner stillness and awareness. Let the “Portal to Presence” open you up to the richness and depth that life offers in every moment.

Alexandra Mochi

Soulful Artist

I help individuals on a spiritual journey who wish to deepen their connection with nature, the elements, and their inner selves.

“The Four Elements Oracle Deck : Balance and Insight” offers guidance and clarity through the timeless energies of earth, water, fire, and air. Delve into the depths of your emotions, harness the power of nature, and unlock the secrets of the universe with this versatile oracle deck.

Each card invites you to connect deeply with the elements, illuminating your path to self-discovery, balance, and spiritual growth.

Sarah Gorev

Certified EFT Practitioner

I help individuals navigating the emotional challenges of work, family commitments, and health challenges to overcome the overwhelm, stress, fear, and exhaustion that often accompany these responsibilities and re-ignite joy in their life.

Experience daily tranquillity with ‘Daily Charms of Calm: Tap into the energy of chakras.’ This enchanting deck, infused with the ancient wisdom of chakras and enhanced by EFT tapping, empowers you to move beyond blocks and find inner strength effortlessly.

Let each card guide you on a journey of self-discovery, fostering calmness and resilience in every aspect of your life.

Bernadette Wulf

New Earth Ambassador & Faery Emissary

I help awakened people step into the New Earth reality in harmony with our faery cousins so they can live the life of their dreams in harmony, prosperity and cooperation with all life.

I created this deck to remind myself to live in the New Earth reality every day. I hope it will also inspire you to reach for the magic and wonder of the New Earth reality in your daily life — one message at a time.

The cards feature uplifting feminine images and gentle reminders to shift you into the wonder and magic of your Inner Being that lives in the New Earth all the time. We all need reminders of the beauty and harmony that is always available to us, no matter what is going on around us. Step into the magic today!

Simone Morgan

Spiritual Insight Deck Designer

I help people seeking personal growth and clarity navigate their journey through uniquely designed Oracle Card Decks, offering them insightful guidance and reflection tools for life's questions and challenges.

The “Feathered Wisdom Oracle” is a profound deck designed to facilitate deep connections with intuition and spiritual guidance.

Each card in this meticulously crafted deck is adorned with delicate feathers, symbolizing the ethereal presence of spiritual guides who offer gentle whispers of wisdom from beyond the veil. With concise yet evocative captions and beautifully illustrated imagery, seekers are invited to trust their inner voice and embrace their innate intuition as they navigate life’s journey.

Stella Wilde

Cosmic Pathfinder, Intuitive Advisor, Manifestation Mentor

Using astrology savvy, intuitive wisdom, and manifestation mojo, I provide insight and encouragement that helps people bring their dreams to life and take inspired action.

Designed for writers, dreamers, and artistic souls, the Manifest Your Muse Oracle deck invites you to tap into your innate creative energy and express yourself authentically.

Whether you’re staring at a blank canvas, an empty page, or a world of possibilities, these cards are your trusted companions on the road to manifesting your artistic vision.

Milana Vinokur

Mystic, Seer, Spiritual And Life Skills Coach, 

I help those who are searching for direction in Personal Journey of Spiritual Reawakening and re-connection with their Higher Self. Regain clarity around their Life Path and Step into the next chapter from a place of personal power, authenticity, integrity, and purpose. Welcome into the next vibrational level of personal, spiritual, and professional journey that will allow your intuition, deep connection, and empowerment guide you.

“ANCESTRAL WHSPERS” Oracle Deck invites those who are seeking answers to explore multidimentional wisdom and support available to them fromThe Collective of their Ancestors and The Source. Each card is infused with a powerful energy of Love to create changes simply by interacting. If you are on a precipice of stepping into the next vibrational level and seeking guidance, this deck is for you.

Ann Varney

Leading Spiritual Teacher & Coach

I help entrepreneurs, coaches and healers to unlock their full potential and live in alignment with their highest truth so they help empower others.

The Oracle Temples – The Oracle Deck, a spiritual masterpiece birthed from the vision and wisdom of Ann Varney, stands as a profound invitation to journey into the depths of your soul and the vast expanse of cosmic knowledge. This deck is not just a tool for divination but a portal to transformative insights, guidance, and the empowerment necessary for personal and spiritual awakening.

Crafted with deep intention and reverence, the Oracle Temples – The Oracle Deck consists of 69 cards, each imbued with the sacred energy and symbology of ancient temples that Ann Varney has personally visited. These cards serve as conduits to the divine, offering a unique blend of universal wisdom and the specific, potent energies of sacred sites around the globe.

Marcelle Charrois

Intuitive Success Coach and Earth Doula

I help women sensitives clear energetic blocks, limiting beliefs and patterns so that they can fully reconnect with their authentic selves, and live the life they truly wish for and deserve.

Messengers of Gaia takes sensitive souls on a journey of rediscovery, regeneration, renewal and revival of the sacred self through the various lenses of self-worth, self-care, self-love, self-expression and celebration of the unique and true to heart blueprint of the authentic self.

You will be ushered through this journey by the animal and mystical spirits that are the messengers of greater love and acceptance for self. Each card invites you to reflect on how you can embody its theme through your chosen practice whether it be meditation, journaling or contemplation while out in nature or your favorite place.

Within this oracle deck, there is a secret card that contains the key to a free gift which will add a little fun and exploration to your experience.

Jane Scanlan

Holistic Healer & Spiritual Biz Mentor

I'm here to help you hit the pause button and get in tune with the rhythm of the moon's cycles. Imagine letting the moon be our guide, leading us through its phases and tuning into the energies that surround us. It's about embracing its wisdom, allowing it to illuminate our path toward a life that resonates deeply with our inner frequency. It's not just about living; it's about thriving in tune with the energies that surround us. 🌕✨If you're ready to embrace your inner spiritual being and dance to the ancient rhythm of the moon's cycle, the Magic Moon Crew Oracle Deck is your go-to guide. Let’s align our energies and thrive together!

Get ready to embark on a cosmic journey with our “Magic Moon Crew Oracle Cards”! 🌘🌗🌖🌞 Embrace the ebb and flow of nature’s rhythm and let the moon phases and sun illuminate your quest for self-discovery.

Perfect for anyone seeking personal growth, craving some deep self-reflection, or on a path of spiritual evolution. Let the universe whisper its timeless wisdom to you.

Julia Ellis

Expressive Arts Therapist

I help busy moms and moms-to-be reignite their creative spark through inspiring online courses & programs, so they can embrace their true selves and aliveness amidst the joys and challenges of motherhood.

The Pregnancy Oracle Deck is a one-of-a-kind soulful companion through the transformative journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Each card is thoughtfully designed, offering unique themes that infuse your day-to-day with inspiration, meaning, and greater aliveness, enriching your relationship with your growing baby along the way.

The deck encourages you to pause and create space in the midst of your busy life so you can focus on what really matters. It’s an invitation to bring mindfulness and presence into your being—heart, body, mind, and soul. You’ll dive deeper, celebrate your daily experiences, and create an even closer connection with the new life that’s blossoming within you. With each spread and card you draw, you’ll be making the most of this special time as you grow into the mother you want to be.

Rich and Rach Kent

Founders of Soul-Hugs

We help couples to become conscious in their coupling and to experience deeper connection, nourishment and purpose in their relationship.

The Soul-Hugs for Couples Deck is for couples of all ages, who may feel they want more love and good stuff in their relationship. Through completing the experience outlined on each card, the couple will feel more LOVE on their path to fully CONSCIOUS COUPLING.

The cards provide the opportunity for more CONNECTION, NOURISHMENT and PURPOSE for those who want or need it.

Heather Mangiaratti

Intuitive Empowerment Coach

As an intuitive empowerment coach, holistic healer, and mystic, I am dedicated to illuminating the light within every woman, guiding them on their transformative journey of self-discovery.

Crafted with care and intention, Mystical Illuminations provides a diverse array of self-help and empowerment coaching skills that seamlessly integrate into your daily life. With each draw, you’ll discover simple yet profound actions that inspire you to embrace your true self, nurture self-love, and live authentically with intuitive guidance.

Whether you seek clarity, courage, or connection, Mystical Illumination is your steadfast companion on the path to manifesting a life filled with joy, purpose, and fulfillment. Let the wisdom of these cards illuminate your journey, guiding you towards the realization of your deepest desires and the fulfillment of your highest potential.

Linda Gauthier

Intuitive Artist and Card Designer

As an Intuitive Artist and Oracle Card Designer I channel my intuition to create my artwork and card designs. My art is created by drawing inspiration from various sources such as nature, symbolism, and metaphysical concepts. Through this intuitive process, I endeavour to bring forth imagery and symbols that resonate with universal truths and spiritual guidance. It is my hope that my designs not only captivate the eye but also speak directly to the soul, offering insights, healing, and inspiration to those who interact with my art and oracle card decks. Whether via my paintings or digital design, I try to weave together a tapestry of divine wisdom and insight, inviting my audience to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Unlock the power of manifestation with our exclusive giveaway! Dive into a realm of daily empowerment with our Daily Affirmation Deck, comprising 139 cards of intention and action. Elevate your spiritual journey as you embrace each day with purpose and clarity. Claim your free downloadable file now and ignite a transformational journey towards your dreams. Seize this opportunity to manifest your highest potential!

Rev Ronda Del Boccio

Certified Sound Healer, Reiki Master , Life Purpose Coach and more

I teach empaths and other Highly Sensitive People simple tools and techniques that empower you to trust and honor your gifts so that you can live your magic and fulfill your soul's purpose.

Winged Messengers Divine Guidance Oracle Cards offer sacred wisdom from your winged allies. Magical images of birds, angels, butterflies, and more paired with words of wisdom guide you through all life’s energies.

Each work of mystical art transports you deep into your soul’s truth. The accompanying message brings the energy of the artwork to life. The Winged Ones help you gain clarity, make decisions, and connect more deeply with Divine Source. Each image is encoded with two sacred transmissions from Archangel Sandalphon to deepen your connection.

Lorraine Ellen Scott

Energy Alchemist for Empaths & Introverts

I help empaths and introverts trust their magic and manage their energy so they confidently show up in their business and impact their clients' lives.

The Tarot Cheatsheet will help you ditch the struggle of memorizing Tarot. Even consulting the tarot book can be confusing if you don’t understand how the cards all relate together. The Tarot Cheatsheet breaks it down into three easy ways to understand and interpret your Tarot cards.

Janet Cook

Digital Alchemist/ Transformation Mentor

I help resilient women in their late 40s and 50s or older who have overcome significant challenges such as career transitions, chronic illnesses, and past traumas, to reinvent themselves and craft a powerful online and life presence that reflects their strength and renewed vision for the future.

Embark on a mystical journey with ‘Wisdom of the Natural World Oracle Cards: Sacred Bonds with Animals.’ This enchanting deck merges fae magic and animal wisdom, offering profound guidance. Each card depicts the bond between fae women and animals, inviting soul exploration.

Seek clarity, empowerment, or spiritual guidance; these cards are allies on your path to enlightenment. Delve into nature’s realms and unlock inner wisdom with this captivating Oracle deck.

Krysti Turznik

Spiritual Mindset Life Coach

With over 20 years experience, I help successful leaders get their personal lives back on track as they transition into their authentic selves, embrace their power, overcome their subconscious obstacles, and live a soul-led life.

Let “The Ocean Oracle” card deck become your tool for personal growth, spiritual awakening, and profound self-discovery as it leads you towards greater clarity and authenticity.

Connect with your intuition, deepen your understanding, and gain insight from your higher self and the whispers of your soul. This beautiful deck is a portal to tap into divine guidance through the wisdom of the ocean.

Sandra Catania

Intuitive Card Reader & Oracle Deck Creator

I help spiritual seekers who crave accurate and personalized guidance and insight, offering a transformative journey toward self-discovery and empowerment. This results in clarity, healing, and enlightenment in an empathetic, fun and playful way.

The Fortunes of Wisdom Oracle is a delightful deck that draws inspiration from the enchanting fortunes found within fortune cookies. Each card delivers a unique message that blends fun, whimsy, and wisdom. With vibrant illustrations by Andrea Kimberley and thought-provoking interpretations by Sandra Catania, this oracle deck serves as a playful insightful tool for divination and self-reflection.


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Join the original Oracle Cards Magic collective for soulful entrepreneurs and creatives.


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From War to Art

My healing journey and how I started with Ai

February 24th, 2022 my life as I knew it turned upside down!

Fortunately, what started as a means of destroying me turned into an extremely healing journey. 

This image on a left was the very first image of Ukrainian goddess of protection Bereginya I created with Ai help

With my brother living in a dangerously affected area and my nephew bravely serving in the army, fighting for my back home, the weight of the situation certainly took a huge toll on me.

As the war unfolded, I found myself grappling with intense emotions and battling with PTSD. (Self-diagnosed). Luckily, equipped with my certification as a mindset coach that came with great tools that I use and blessed with an incredible support system, I was determined to find a way to heal and make a positive impact. Little did I know that this journey would lead me to the fascinating world of AI.

I was always interested in digital design and having recently discovered my interest in painting, I stumbled upon the captivating and addictive realm of AI-generated images. I have to admit that at first, it was a welcome distraction so I I didn’t constantly worry and think about the war.

And this image to the right I re-generated with exact same prompt many months later.

Inspired by the beauty of turning pain into art, and transmuting all the emotions into something stunning I had an idea of an interesting project. I decided to create a series of 55 images portraying the Ukrainian goddess of protection, Bereginya. Each image became a mirror of how I felt or wanted to feel, what I saw or wanted to change. Some represented resilience, and love for my homeland, but all showcased embodiment of the strength and spirit of my people. Little did I know that this project would evolve far beyond my expectations.

Driven by my passion, I delved into the realm of AI image generation with unwavering dedication. What was meant to be a collection of 55 images quickly transformed into an awe-inspiring journey that produced over 20,000 breathtaking images within a remarkably short span of time. It was as if my soul found solace in transforming my emotions into pure, mesmerizing beauty. Pure alchemy – transmuting pain into art.









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